Product Description

Model Type : ROWP-C

• Zero water wastage

• Multiple Purification Process of UV+UF

• Good storage capacity of 9 litres

• Advanced 8 Stage Purification Process of UV+UF

• Apt for all sources of water with TDS up to 500 ppm.

• Elegant design, Glossy Finish with Stylishly Designed Tap Lever

• Eliminate fine suspended particles such as dust, dirt mud and sand from water.

• Diminish or ( Decrease) excess chlorine, organic impurities, bad taste and odour from the water.

• The UF Membrane allows dissolved minerals & salts to pass through and resist bacteria, viruses& colloidal matter.

• In-Tank UV Protection guarantees purified and safe water for consumption.

• 30litre/hour purification capacity