Hybrid solar power systems generate electricity by deploying hybrid inverters and batteries that store energy for later usage. Due to this ability to store energy, most hybrid systems can also operate as a backup power supply during a blackout, comparable to a UPS system.

What is a hybrid solar power system?

The energy generated by solar panels should be converted to power for your home when they are installed. This can be done in several ways, including on-grid connection, off-grid connection, or using a hybrid power system. When you have a hybrid system, your solar panels are still connected to the grid’s power cables and have a backup battery system to store surplus power. The energy captured by the solar panels from the sun is converted into useful electricity via an inverter. Electricity is then routed to your home, batteries, or the grid.
Hybrid solar power systems are much more cost-effective in terms of installation and operation than off-grid systems because they do not require a backup generator and the battery capacity can be minimized.

Hybrid Solar Power System Components

• Photovoltaic Panels • Charge Controller • Battery Bank • DC Disconnect (Optional) • Grid-Tie Inverter Based on Batteries • Power Meter, MPPT Charger

The Advantages of Hybrid Solar Power System
The power system provides continuous electricity and may run in either an on-grid or off-grid mode
Excess power is sent to the grid or stored for later use.
Reduced monthly utility costs
It generates more energy per sq. ft of area.
Easy installation and maintenance
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